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  • год : 2019
  • страна : Russia
  • хронометраж : 01:08'
  • жанр : social video
  • режиссер : Sergey Pozdnyakov
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written by Sergey Pozdnyakov
produced by Olga Dupak
DoP Boris Kirisenko
music by Taha Beats
sound by Black Screen Studio
production company: DEBUG FILMS

This motivational promo shows people affected by sarcoma - the disease with 90% death statistics. But notwithstanding that these people enjoy life, born children, and lead active lifestyle. It’s important to start medical treatment in time and believe in themselves.
#take up challenge and come through disease#


Sergey Pozdnyakov was born on 24.08.1974 in Ust-Ilimsk (Irkutsk region), Russia. In 1998 graduated from Irkutsk State Linguistic University as a philologist and linguist. In 2016 graduated from Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (VKSR) as a film director. He worked in television as a director of documentary films, DoP and editor.

2019 - "Faces of Sarcoma", social video
2017 - "Son of man", documentary
2017 - "Deadline", short student film \ debut