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We decided to start distribution of movies we work with after 12 months of the festival sendings (in addition to the free 7th month of festival promotion).

Distribution not only offers films that can be viewed just within festivals and isolated shows in film-clubs new lease of life and additional viewers with varied geography, but also professional growth for their authors: it is a good opportunity to be noticed by screeners of festivals and producers, to acquire new acquaintances and good offices.

We have a comprehensive and serious approach to the issue of promotion and not only send movies to festivals, but also provide them with free informational support stimulating the interest of industry professionals. Quite often programming directors of film festivals, film-clubs curators, content purchasing agents and TV producers request us to send them review links to movies from our distributional catalogue about which we write and speak so much, and to be acquainted with authors. It's pleasant and very important for us.

On June 1, 2016 we started distribution of 3 our pilot almanacs across Russia and CIS. Here is detailed information about the project and movies that are currently traveling around the country and world. 



We are always opened for new acquaintances and ideas! If you want to work with us, just fill out the short form below and we will contact you.

Here you can see the list of movies that we can offer for showing in your film-club or cinema.

While the project is non-profit, shows are free.

We have license agreements with the right holders of all presented movies. Movies are played in Russian with English subtitles.

Here you can find detailed information about the movies from the first 3 almanacs and their festival history. 



We provide distribution only for films we send to festivals.

However, you can always send us a link with Your movie for screening to various show’s programs which we supervise at partner film clubs or within festivals.

An important condition - film must have a distribution certificate to be played on the territory of Russian Federation and English subtitles.



Here you can find geography of film-clubs CinePromo works with within distribution of short, documentary and author movies.



Here you can find actual schedule of short, documentary and author movies shows in your city, including movies which CinePromo sends to festivals.