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  • год : 2019
  • страна : Russia
  • хронометраж : 11:00'
  • жанр : fiction film
  • режиссер : Petr Skvortsov
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written by Andrey Stadnikov
produced by Artem Vasilyev
DoP Andrey Nikolaev
music by Dmitriy Vlasik
sound by Igor Gladkiy, Vyacheslav Nesmeyanov
editor Kirill Piskarev
production designer Yana Tyulkina
cast: Nikita Elenev, Marina Vasilyeva, Maxim Vitorgan, Yulia Aug
production company: Medialab

An alternative future that suspiciously resembles a totalitarian empire of the middle of the previous century. The passengers of the special taxicab are pouring out their hearts to the driver without saying a word. A humble and silent boy with a soft smile and understanding eyes is hearing out the confessions of a “real” man, a rich lady, and a freaked out security officer. Who is this strange mind reader psychotherapist driving the black cab?

International Film Festival "Kinolikbez" (2019, Russia, St. Petersburg) 


Petr Skvortsov was born on 12.06.1994 in Moscow. Attended the children's studio at the Central House of the actor n.a. A. Yablochkina. In 2015 graduated from School-Studio of Moscow Art Theatre as an actor. In 2016 received the award "Best Actor Prize" in the film "The Student" by Kirill Serebrennikov. "The Ear" - his debut work as a director, in which starred Nikita Elenev ("Summer"), Marina Vasilyeva ("Dislike"), Julia Aug ("The Student", "Summer") and Maxim Vitorgan.

2019 - "The Ear", short film / debut