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  • год : 2018
  • страна : Russia
  • хронометраж : 4 series x 53'
  • жанр : Fedor Kalugin
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written by Svetlana Tretyakova
produced by Irina Guryanova, Oksana Barkovskaya, Natalia Bernyakova
DoP Evgeniy Bogatov
sound by Dmitriy Scryabin
production company: Dok-Film

Once the legendary vessel Akademik Mstislav Keldysh bacame widely known thanks to James Cameron's "Titanic", and now it is heading towards the North Pole for the one-of-a-kind risky expedition. Unique underwater shooting equipment will be out for scientific and research job. A team of brave scientists from Russia is looking for answers to the troubling questions – will our planet be suffering of warming and fast ice melting in Arctic? For 42 days the team will be collecting samples of water, soil and bio-organisms. Some of the materials will be examined directly on board and technological institutions on land will pick up the expertise in order to establish inferences. In Arctic waters the crew will face many obstacles – from crash of the to collision with bears, but nothing will stop them from making unpredictable discoveries.

All-Russian Ecological Film Festival "Meridian of Hope", Diploma (2019, Russia, St. Petersburg)
International Ecological TV Festival "Save and Preserve" (2019, Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk)



Fedor Kalugin was born on 16.03.1977 in Moscow. Graduated from Institute of Contemporary Art as a film and TV director. Collaborated with leading TV channels - TVC, Russia, NTV, DTV - as a director and director of editing. Author of music and director of commercials. Directed more than 100 documentaries for the TV channel REN TV and the Fifth Channel. At the present moment works as a director of the project "Territory of delusions" on REN TV channel. From 2015 - director of the program "International Review" with Yevgeny Primakov. In 2017 he received a Tafi diploma "Immortal Regiment" for the best directing work. Nominee and winner of national prizes «TEFI». Member of Russian Documentary Guild.

2018 - "Arctic. Risked Expedition", documentary
2017 - "Blue Whales: Who is Killing Our Children?", documentary