+ subtitling, DCP


  • : 2018
  • : Russia
  • : 08:07'
  • : fiction film
  • : Ivan Plechev
  • : 0

written by Andrey Zolotaryov
produced by Fedor Bondarchuk
DoP Yuriy Nikogosov
music by Nikola Melnikov
editor Alexander Puzyrev
production designer Vasily Ufa
cast: Vitaliy Khayev, Kirill Kaganovich, Natalya Menchova, Alexander Klyukvin
production company: Art Pictures Studio

A fast-paced epidemic of unknown virus, which turns people into zombies, is spreading around Moscow. The city is in panic, and military emergency is announced. At this time an old hand taxi driver, bringing a pregnant woman from Moscow region, turns out to be the only person to save her and some more chance travelers among whom a coward police officer and drunk businessman.
A bit bitchy comedy by Ivan Plechiov not only shows a new side of an overworked theme of zombie-apocalypse, but also proves once again an all-purpose profession of a taxi driver.

Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival (2018, Greece, Athens)
The World Festival of Street Cinema (2018, cities of Russia and the world)
Alicante Film Festival (2018, Spain, Alicante)
Figari Film Fest (2018, Italy, Golfo Aranci)
Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival (2018, Slovenia, Ljutomer)
KONIK Film Festival (2018, Russia, Moscow)
Kaliningrad Short Film Festival (2018, Russia, Kaliningrad)
International Film Festival "Bridge of Arts "(2018, Russia, Rostov-on-Don)
Northern Wave Film Festival (2018, Iceland, Grundarfjörður)
International Short Film Festival "Kurz.Film.Spiele" (2018, Germany, Konstanz)
Malatya International Film Festival (2018, Turkey, Malatya)
International Debut and Student Films Fesrival "Beginning" (2018, Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
Bogota Short Film Festival (2018, Bogota, Colombia)
International Theatre and Music Youth Festival JULA (KINObrunch) (2018, Germany, Munich)
Elche International Fantastic Film Festival FANTAELX (2018, Spain, Elche)
Film Festival "Black and White Rainbow" (2018, Russia, Togliatti)
Landshut Short Film Festival (2019, Germany, Landshut)
Dieciminuti Film Festival (2019, Italy, Ceccano)
International Film Festival Grenzland Filmtage (2019, Germany, Selb)
Arnow Film Festival, Best Direction (2019, USA, Somerset)
Open Festival of Student and Debut Films "Saint Anna", 2nd Place (2019, Russia, Moscow)
International Short Film Festival Detmold (2019, Germany, Detmold)


Ivan Plechev was born on 09.09.1991 in Moscow. Graduated from The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) and The Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (VKSR) as a film director. Since 2016 has been working in film industry.

2018 - "Dark Night", short film
2017 - "The Smoke", short film / debut