+ subtitling, DCP

CinePromo is a Russian and international top company submitting movies to film festivals around the world and having the highest rates of shortlisting into film festival programs.

The filmmakers we work with have excellent portfolios, find investors and distributors easier and faster, obtain informational support which stimulates interest of Mass Media and TV buyers, as well as proposals on new projects.

Sometimes our clients become national heroes in the countries they represent ;)

We do care - without exaggeration. We live movies that we take for festival promotion and we comprehensively approach this issue and carefully monitor the professional growth of our clients, so it’s not surprising that we can answer any questions from the audience in case of filmmakers' absence at the screening ;) 

No idea how to choose the right option out of thousands of film festivals that exist around the world? No time to do a donkey work submitting your movie to different film festivals? You need an outstanding biography for a successful start in the film industry?

Don’t waste your precious time, energy and inspiration for the work which you can trust the professionals for reasonable price! You can delegate to us everything that distract you from more important things.


option 1: payment in installments - € 169 per month
+ the 7th month of submission to film festivals is FREE

option 2: 7 months of film festival promotion for € 918
- the 7th month of submission to film festivals is FREE
- DCP (flat + scope) for free

option 3: 12 months of film festival promotion for € 1 589
- the 12th month of submission to film festivals is FREE
- DCP (flat + scope) for free



(payment in installments, EURO)

€189 for 15 +\- film festivals per month*
*price with the maximum discount and free 7th month of film festival promotion

period of film festival promotion: 1 month(s)
total cost: €115 200 
per month: €8 228

discount: 28 800% (€28 800)

  • ALL-INCLUSIVE RATE - submissions to 15 +\- film festivals per month;
  • THE LOWEST PRICE of film festival promotion;
  • taxes are INCLUDED into the price;
  • the price is fixed and doesn't depend on exchange rate fluctuations;
  • payment IN INSTALLMENTS;
  • conclusion of the contract DO NOT LEGALLY BINDING you to cooperate strictly within a certain minimum period, you can terminate or extend the work on the film festival promotion whenever you like;
  • the list of film festivals is FREE;
  • DVD, envelopes and other consumables, postal services and fees of festival platforms (reelport, festhome, uptofest, shortfilmdepot, clickforfestivals, etc.) up to 2 - 5 euro (sometimes 7 - 10 euro) are INCLUDED into the price;
  • additional ADVERTISING & INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT on our website, social networks, partner mass medias;
  • opportunity to receive SPECIAL OFFERS from our partners;
  • the 7th month of submission to film festivals is FREE when paying at once for 6 months of festival promotion;
  • boundless love and respect for the movies included to our distribution catalogue :)

* Participation in film festivals with entry fees is agreed separately.
* It’s possible to work on individual rates if there is a need to submit a film to a certain list of festivals according to specificity of the movie.

WORK SCHEME with CinePromo on festival promotion is very simple:

  • send an on-line screener to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the form at the end of this page;
  • CinePromo makes the list of film festivals in accordance with the specifics of your movie for the period of 7 months \ 1 year and agrees it with you;
  • we provide filmmakers with monthly reports on the progress and results, including receipts of payment, all kinds of electronic confirmations, etc.; information about the submissions and results are registered in online tables for clarity and convenience in real time control.


  • we’ll fill in the entry-forms, burn video on DVD in required quantity and format, wait in long lines at the post office and deliver materials for selection committees on time and in full compliance with the regulations of the film festivals; also we monitor the results of selection into film festival programs and possible changes in submission deadlines; 
  • all diplomas and prizes, including cash, are the property of the right holders of the movie (flimmakers); 
  • if a festival covers travel expenses, the filmmakes visit it at the expense of this film festival.
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