+ subtitling, DCP

A DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is an economical alternative to 35mm exhibition copies. Today it is considered as one of the standards for professional film exhibition in commercial theaters.

If you take one of our DCP to a digital cinema anywhere in the world, this will be projected without any problem if the screening room meets the DCI Interop and SMPTE standards.

The source file will be delivered to us via the Internet (ftp or other digital media), the DCP will then be created and later transferred by ftp or the alternative chosen by the producer.

We always check DCP at our cinema treatre and create it in 2 possible formats - 1.85 (FLAT/masked) 1998×1080 and 2.39 (SCOPE/widescreen) 2048×858.

Recommended video settings:

Option 1:

  • codec - ProRes
  • container - MOV
  • bitrate - from 50 m/bit (200 m/bit for 4K)

Option 2:

  • codec - h.264 or h.265
  • container - MP4
  • bitrate - from 50 m/bit (200 m/bit for 4K)

How can you deliver us the materials?

Upload of the master copy via FTP or file sharing services: dropmefiles.comfiles.mail.rudisc.yandex.rudrive.google.comdropbox.com.

Payment must be made in advance once the length of the film’s dialogue is determined. The cost of subtitling is the lowest and depends on the specifics each project. Also we provide discounts on big orders from movie studios, TV channels, cinema theatres and film festivals.

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