+ subtitling, DCP


  • Year : 2019
  • Country : Kazakhstan
  • Duration : 128'
  • Genre : documentary
  • Director : Radik Kudoyarov
  • : 0

written and produced by Radik Kudoyarov
DoPs Jan Moreau, Jaidar Yerken, Lev Sergeyev, Dauren Tasbergen
sound by Andrey Chernavin
editor Alexey Markov
production company: RITE Ltd.

The film is based on mostly unknown facts of the modern history of Kazakhstan. The process of nuclear disarmament, building the new capital of the country, peacmaking initiatives and practical activities from the civil war in Syria to the Ukrainian crisis — all these stories are presented only by the participants and witnesses in this film.


Radik Kudoyarov was born on 07.09.1973 in Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan), Russia. He is a well-known independent Russian filmmaker, director and screenwriter. Studied history at Bashkir State University and was trained in television management at the University of California. In 2003 established his own film production company, RITE, and has produced and directed over 30 documentary films.

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