submit film to festivals, subtitling,
DCP, DPX, Blu-Ray, film distribution
  • translation of the dialogue lists and scripts from any language into Russian by native speakers; we have a great working experience with film festivals, cinema theatres and TV channels in various countries around the world;
  • you will receive the synchronized subtitles file (srt, txt, html, PNG or any other formats) and the video file with subtitles burned in;
  • also we make dubbing in Russian.


Terms: from 2 days, depending on the scope of work; when talking about the terms, we always try to focus on the client's preferences. 

To make subtitles, we need the following materials: 

  • dialogue list in the original language;
  • video. 

Payment must be made in advance once the length of the film’s dialogue is determined.

Recommended video settings:

Option 1:

  • codec - ProRes
  • container - MOV
  • bitrate - from 15  m/bit (50 m/bit if you are planning to make an additional DCP-copy, 200 m/bit for 4K)

Option 2:

  • codec - h.264 or h.265
  • container - MP4
  • bitrate - from 15  m/bit (50 m/bit if you are planning to make an additional DCP-copy, 200 m/bit for 4K)


How can you deliver us the materials?

Upload of the master copy via FTP or file sharing services:,,,,

The cost of subtitling is the lowest and depends on the specifics each project. Also we provide discounts on big orders from movie studios, TV channels, cinema theatres and film festivals.